SCR Civil Construction, LLC

SCR Civil Construction, LLC has been using S & S Bridge Painting on TXDOT jobs since 2001. During this 17 year time period S & S has successfully completed numerous projects with SCR. A lot of these projects had  access issues and scheduling concerns due to our work and their work being jointly connected.

Daryl Roberts

SCR Construction LLC has worked with S&S Painting on several projects some on a large scale. They have always been professional and have been onsite when needed and worked above and beyond what we have seen when we have used other companies.

Ross Hageman (Dan Williams Company)

These guys paint and get paid, plus the paint jobs are awesome and installed in some of the most dangerous locations known to man. IH 10 in El Paso all major roads in San Antonio, Austin and in the DFW metroplex. These guys are super easy to work with and they hit the schedule every time.