Waco Truss Bridge

“With a construction date of 1901, this massive 450 foot Pennsylvania truss main span forms a bridge that is noteworthy for an extremely long span length for a simply spanning truss bridge. When first built, it was claimed to be the longest known simply spanning truss bridge in the world, although it apparently in reality fell short of that somewhat. It was however the longest span simple truss in Texas. With a complex truss configuration, built-up beams featuring extensive lattice and v-lacing, and decorative portal and knee bracing, this bridge is very beautiful. It is also an extremely old example of a bridge spanning a distance of over 400 feet. The bridge features deck plate girder approach spans at either end of the bridge, and the main truss span is seated on large caissons. The bridge features decorative shapes on the knee and portal bracing. On the portal bracing star-shaped cutouts are present. The historic integrity of the bridge is excellent, with no major design or character-altering alterations observed. As such, this bridge is among the most noteworthy historic bridges in Texas”

– Courtesy of HistoricBridges.org

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SCR Construction LLC has worked with S&S Painting on several projects some on a large scale. They have always been professional and have been onsite when needed and worked above and beyond what we have seen when we have used other companies.

Daryl Roberts

These guys paint and get paid, plus the paint jobs are awesome and installed in some of the most dangerous locations known to man. IH 10 in El Paso all major roads in San Antonio, Austin and in the DFW metroplex. These guys are super easy to work with and they hit the schedule every time.

Ross Hageman (Dan Williams Company)